New version March 2019 . dCuP 3.0

  • Possibility to delegate administration
  • Extended filtering options
  • Portal specific checklists
  • Improved structure view
  • Copy of config test – production


  • Multi language support

New version 11/11 2018 . dCuP 2.5

  • New standalone admininterface
  • Variable structure
  • Possibility to connets to more than one underlying system


New  version 15/4 2018. dCuP 2.0

  • New Look and Feel
  • More visual
  • Search
  • Favorites

New  version 26/7 2017. dCuP 1.3

Based on our vast experience from Service management/Request handling solutions we have learned that customer pages are build from an IT departments perspective. We want to change that approch to a Customer perspective. Live in Malmö.

IF your Customer portal  doesn’t meet your Customers needs

Switch up to dCuP

  1. Built with Customer focus
  2. Dynamic forms
  3. Totally integrated with MSM (Marval)
  4. Contact us for a demo or free trial