About us

Aisle today is a small company with big customers. To establish credability we work together with partners. We work with our partner ServiceSoft to guarantee a good support function. This is natural because we have always had strong ties to ServiceSoft, PG owner and Elias developer. PG’s role has always been operative and as a project manager/designer for the introduction of Marval at Karolinska we got the insight needed to build LPC (Logical Permission Control) to the new hospital, NKS.

Experience and expertise

Elias, Anton and Nash are doing the programming/systemdevelopment today even though PG also has a solid background as developer. He has, among other things built complete system for physical oil trading at Scanoil, linked to both the IPE and NYMEX. Elias has unique skills as a developer. His knowledge seems to never end regardless of the field. Elias is the one that over the years on ServiceSoft taken all impossible task and made them possible. Anton is highly qualified fullstack developer. Nash has been with us for almost 2 years and is fully trained in our methods.

Right developers

What we want to say with this is that it does not require many developers to build complex software. Right developers on the other hand is important. The requirement for more developers will come when the number of customers is growing and we are prepared to expand our company. We adopt a rather unusual model: We secure income before expanding something that seems very rare in today’s business environment. We are aware that even the best developer needs time to learn our way of development and we look forward to our next recruitment. We are hiring.