LPC handles the logic between the personnel data and receiving system. Rights can be assigned automatically, be requested and approved. How this happens is controlled by the ruling model in the LPC.

Organizational Structure — Roles — Permissions – Model

The organizational structure is the basis for the roles. These are based on existing fields in the organizational structure or groupings of these.
Permissions are defined in host systems and can, for example, correspond to the passage to a group of doors or other right.
The model defines the relationship between roles and permissions. Allocation of jurisdiction may be automatic or require approval. The model also controls the ability to order permission.

  •  Allocation, ordering, acceptance of permissions
  •  Logically controlled automation
  •  In operation on NKS (New Karolinska Hospital)

Aim (Access and Identity Management)

The requirement for companies to have full and direct control on what rights an employee has increases.
In large to mid-sized organizations, this is difficult and time consuming.
LPC has been developed in cooperation with NKS to solve this problem in the new hospital.


The company's organizational structure consists of several levels, the model can be attached to these.
This means that the person's final permission is built up based on multiple levels. A role can te x access general permissions at a high level in the organizational structure and then supplemented with specific rights at lower levels in the structure.

The person's final permission is obtained when the role has been evaluated by the model at all relevant levels of the organizational structure.


LPC handles both simple (local) approval and Central approval. Approvers are appointed primarily based on responsible for the cost center (integration financial systems). The Manager can also delegate the approval to direct reports. LPC has interfaces that make approval easily.

Completely Web-based

  •  Administration
  •  Ordering
  •  Approval
  •  Follow-up


The basic flow is initiated by a change in the human resources database. Based on the rules defined in the model information is transmitted to the receiving system.


Each new installation will involve introducing projects. Aisle have therefore thorough cooperation with renowned consultancy firms. Representatives from the Aisle will participate as experts in the project. Introduction on NKS has given us valuable knowledge about what is required for a successful implementation.