dcup-new version

dcup-new functionality

Now released new features for our dynamic customer portal.

  • Multiple cases from an order
    • Copy the rows from excel to create a case per line
    • Ex order accounts to 50 people via an order
    • Automatically generates 50 cases
  • Input validation via Regex
    • The functionality allows one to a TextBox, you can specify which format the indatat must have.
      This is done by adding the following in the Hint field:
      [regex:XXX], where XXX is a regular expression that must be met:

      [regex:@] -check that the field contains @
      [regex:^d] -check that the field starts with a digit
      [regex:^[0-9+- ]$]-make sure that the field contains only digits, spaces, plus or minus

  • Results of the subärende should go to the notes in the main case
    • Triggered via action messages
Please contact if interested for more information